Seamless sales in the web ecosystem

True omnichannel sophistication that drives your web store, third-party channel and click-to-brick sales, FieldStack Omni™ means a beautiful website and maximization of online channels. Together, we’ll provide a seamless, consistent buyer experience at every digital touchpoint… and it’s all included within our comprehensive solution at no extra cost.

Your Website

  • Custom eCommerce website
  • Integration with current site
  • Marketplace monitoring
  • Order fulfillment management

Third Party Channels

  • Amazon Marketplace
  • eBay
  • Half.Com
  • More
ecommerce software for omnichannel retail

More Than A Website

Most software companies talk “omnichannel” but walk “multi-channel.” FieldStack’s true omnichannel retail software goes far beyond having a website and a street store. We maximize your presence and sales wherever buyers shop while integrating inventory and fulfillment across your operations.

But, Yes, An Amazing Website

Your website is the heart of your omnichannel success. Included with your FieldStack solution is a robust, user-friendly eCommerce site that leverages cutting-edge best practices to build the shopping cart, lifetime value and loyalty of your customers.

Omni Fulfills your ecommerce potential

Click to Brick

Many of today’s customers prefer shopping online and then making their final purchase at the store. Omni knows your in-store inventory and is always in touch with your in-store staff, so it’s always a good experience when shoppers make that special trip.

Third Party Channels

From Amazon to eBay and beyond, Omni drives your business wherever customers shop. We make sure that your inventory shines in product-focused online searches, so you can compete for each purchase and create lifelong customers.

In-store Fulfillment

Omni facilitates in-store web fulfillment, so your staff can pick, pull and pack on-the-shelf items for web purchases. Streamline your investments by maximizing team productivity and keeping your inventory on the shelf, not in the warehouse!

True Omnichannel

FieldStack maximizes your presence and sales wherever buyers shop.

Part of the FieldStack Lean Retail Engine™

Beyond integrated, our system of modules was built as one complete retail software solution.

Let’s Get Started.

As the first step in our client partnerships, we provide a customized ROI analysis to show up front how FieldStack’s lean retail software system will grow revenue, eliminate waste and transform your retail operations.

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