Note: With SuperZoo 2019 on the way, we’re preparing by sharing info for pet specialty retailers. If you’re in a different category, FieldStack will optimize your chain, too!

I was speaking with one of our clients yesterday about the ways the internet has disrupted pet specialty retail, and how all of this disruption has changed the very reasons that people visit stores.

So why would a customer get in the car and come in to your pet specialty store? Prices? Selection?

If you work in pet specialty retail, you know that customers are coming in for the thing they can’t find online: experiences. 

  • Customers want to connect: to engage with other people, to get advice, and to talk about shared interests.
  • Customers want services, from classes, to grooming.
  • Customer wants a tangible culture, within a space that is authentic, reassuring, and interesting. 

Yes, they also want the right products at the right price, but also much more.

Say you’re a pet specialty retailer, and you have Jess the superstar store manager who knows the health and behavioral profile of every breed of dog. The best place for Jess and your other superstars to focus is on the floor, connecting with customers, sharing moments and solving their problems. 

But retailers without FieldStack find that their best employees spend the whole day in the back office, manually doing things that FieldStack would have automated for them. 

FieldStack is retail management software that automates and improves on processes that used to be the sole responsibility of employees. We amplify the capabilities of your team, to improve their job satisfaction and to make your staff investment go further for your customers.

With FieldStack’s help, you and your staff will have time to develop your in-store experience. Spend more time helping customers, offer new services, foster community — you’ll have the freedom to decide and the time to do it.

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