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Say “hello” to FieldStack™, the only truly integrated lean retail software system for mid-size and large retailers. By fusing elegant inventory, point of sale, loyalty, and eCommerce modules with enhanced analytics, decision making and automation, FieldStack’s Lean Retail Engine™ will help you optimize your retail empire like never before. Get lean with us and grow!

Touch Dynamics Breeze POS and FieldStack


Beyond integrated, our system of modules was built as one unified retail software solution. They complete each other and completely meet your retail technology needs.


The data collection, interpretation and response system that is the hub of our solution


Inventory automation that puts the right products at the right place and the right time, all as efficiently as possible


Point-of-sale and back-office tools to empower your superstar retail team with knowledge and service agility


True omnichannel that drives your web store, third party channels, in-store fulfillment and so much more


Loyalty, gift card and CRM management that builds customer relationships, understanding and purchases

What People Are Saying

  • From reorders to POS to webstore to identifying tastemakers, Fieldstack saves us time and money in every aspect of management.

    Chad Verrill Director of Operations, Bull Moose
  • FieldStack gives us the confidence to grow. We can focus on guest interactions and marketing and not worry about our underlying technology. And because we now have such deep, visible analytics, we can use them to automate and make decisions, so our sales are up, too.

    Pete Risano President, Pet Life
  • The FieldStack system works from a retailer's storage room to the store aisles to most efficiently track and reorder inventory, and even to help identify the best locations to sell items within each store.


The FieldStack Difference

Completely Simple

Comprehensive yet easy and fast, FieldStack frees your team from tech distractions.

Abundance, Automated

We fuel automated processes with data-based wisdom to grow loyalty and sales.

Learning and Lean

FieldStack finds what works in your stores and extends strong models across channels.

Truly Transforming

FieldStack brings you to retail’s future, and keeps you ahead with cloud-based evolution.

Let’s Get Started.

As the first step in our client partnerships, we provide a customized ROI analysis to show up front how FieldStack’s lean retail software system will grow revenue, eliminate waste and transform your retail operations.

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