Retail Business Intelligence software for omnichannel retailers

This is the FieldStack Retail Management Software

The FieldStack Lean Retail Engine is a truly integrated, end-to-end retail management software solution. It functions as a unified organism — a clairvoyant member of your team who helps you adapt across the omnichannel spectrum to meet the needs of customers. Plus, it’s easy to use, because technology should drive you to profit, not distraction.

FieldStack Store Retail POS Software

Powerful and easy, Store has POS and admin tools to empower your staff—on the floor and in the office—with knowledge and speed to meet customer needs. Learn More >>

FieldStack Onmi eCommerce Software

True omnichannel means a beautiful website and maximization of online channels. Omni is your web store, third-party marketplace and click-to-brick software. Learn More >>

FieldStack Intelligence Retail Software

The data collection, interpretation and response system at the hub of our solution, Intelligence is a learning, analytical nucleus for your lean retail empire. Learn More >>

FieldStack Supply Retail Inventory Software

Your smart inventory, supply chain, catalog and ERP system, Supply automates the stocking of the right product at the right place and the right time—efficiently. Learn More >>

FieldStack Fans Retail Loyalty Software

As our collection of loyalty and CRM features, Fans gathers and delivers the data that enables deep, high-value customer relationships. Learn More >>

Focus on customers

Your technology should drive you to profit, not distraction.

Services: Software that comes with a partnership

FieldStack’s unique shared-success business model means that we are completely committed to your satisfaction and your top line. Our retail management software comes with unsurpassed service and consultation, from inquiry to implementation to infinity. Learn More >>


Our first step with potential clients is a complimentary ROI analysis. We list it all up front, before contract: the how and how much for cost savings and revenue increases.


FieldStack is an end-to-end solution that can be rolled out in steps or all at once. We design and implement a process that maps to your priorities and needs.


Employee adoption is the key to realizing the return on investment for FieldStack. We train your team up front and offer unlimited user support, so everybody’s on board.


Our team not only builds the ship, we also sail the retail seas with you. Each customer enjoys ongoing strategic analysis and consultation aimed to build our shared success.

Let’s Get Started.

As the first step in our client partnerships, we provide a customized ROI analysis to show up front how FieldStack’s lean retail software system will grow revenue, eliminate waste and transform your retail operations.

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