The collection of loyalty and CRM features within our retail software gathers the information that enables deep and high-value customer relationships. Plus, it helps you put that information to use through rich relationship management functionality. The love is right here.

  • Multiple loyalty card management
  • Multiple gift card management
  • Loyalty program creation
  • Loyalty program management
  • Clienteling
  • Promotion management
  • Special order management
  • Email newsletter engine
Loyalty software for omnichannel retail

There’s Love in This Retail Loyalty Software

Customer loyalty is key to lean retail success, and Fans is the retail loyalty program software that delivers. Our clients achieve 100% opt-in to their loyalty program among e-commerce buyers. One client has even achieved an unheard-of 87% in-store loyalty program utilization! These levels of adoption translate to rich ongoing relationships that benefit your customers and your bottom line.

How Does Fans Win You Fans?


Understanding customers is the only way to please them. Fans builds that understanding by gathering complete records on customer relationships: the what, when, how much and why of each transaction.


Fans drives the gamification of customer purchases to encourage repeat business. This is about points, incentives and brand culture that grow customer engagement and lifetime value. We’re all fans.


Fans’ email newsletter capabilities allow you to stay top-of-mind in the day-to-day of your customers. Deliver fresh content and promotions to inboxes, increase your traffic online and in-store.

Loyalty from the Cloud

Fans gamifies purchases to drive repeat business, using points, incentives and brand culture that grow lifetime value.

Part of the FieldStack Lean Retail Engine™

Beyond integrated, our system of modules was built as one complete retail software solution.

Let’s Get Started.

As the first step in our client partnerships, we provide a customized ROI analysis to show up front how FieldStack’s lean retail software system will grow revenue, eliminate waste and transform your retail operations.

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