FieldStack Intelligence™ is the hub of our solution. As the rest of FieldStack interfaces with the world of buyers and vendors, Intelligence aggregates and processes data. This is retail analytics software that studies the strengths in your retail operations and extends those strengths across the value chain. It seems like magic, but it’s Intelligence.

  • Flexible, real-time data analysis
  • Data visualization dashboard
  • Scheduled and on-demand reports
  • Multiple user roles
  • Excel exportable
Business Intelligence retail software for omnichannel retailers

Real Time Retail Analytics

All of your data and analyses are available to you in real time, 24/7, through FieldStack Intelligence Reports and the executive dashboard. You can also schedule regular reports. With FieldStack’s retail business intelligence software, you can constantly iterate through a cycle of modeling, testing, measuring and refining winning retail strategies.

Four Steps to Do More With Data

  • Collect

    Harvesting the data is the first step: Every sku, every transaction, every second, we gather your data gold. Other people collect data that cannot be used— it is either shapeless or the shape of the data doesn’t work within the hodgepodge of separate programs. In our unified solution, we collect data in sets that work perfectly for our entire system.

  • Interpret

    Finding patterns in the static, FieldStack identifies what is working best and least across your footprint. Our algorithm has a bias: to view things systemically, rarely taking one piece without viewing how it affects the whole. We look up the entire supply chain—from suppliers to shipping to stocking to sales— to get you to the most efficient and profitable solutions.

  • Predict

    FieldStack is forward-looking. Our lean retail logic predicts the sales velocity of individual items based not only on what was selling, but who was buying. By weighing past product performance with the purchase patterns of influencers, we produce winning inventory models. While your current system only looks back, now you can step FieldStack forward.

  • Act

    FieldStack Supply automates these recommended strategic supply chain actions, under your supervision. Every day, our Lean Retail Engine makes two billion automated decisions for our clients. We build on the expertise and capacity of your top buyers to accurately and efficiently meet the demands and opportunities of your marketplace.

Do More with Data

FieldStack does much more than gather data for your review, it recommends and automates enhanced decisions that increase sales.

Part of the FieldStack Lean Retail Engine™

Beyond integrated, our system of modules was built as one complete retail software solution.

Let’s Get Started.

As the first step in our client partnerships, we provide a customized ROI analysis to show up front how FieldStack’s lean retail software system will grow revenue, eliminate waste and transform your retail operations.

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