FieldStack for Pet Specialty Retail

Unified. Intelligent. Automated.

This is the top retail management software for pet retail. FieldStack offers any retail chain the powerful POS tools and inventory automation used by global retail brands.

If you’re a pet specialty retailer, then you need FieldStack — the best retail management software for pet retail chains.

You’ll love it because it will simplify operations and increase sales. Puppies love it because when your store is stocked to perfection, their owners buy more fun treats and toys. FieldStack does more with data, to keep all of the puppies, kittens, hamsters — everybody — happy.

Download “Why Does Max Want You To Use FieldStack?” (PDF) to learn eight great reasons why pet specialty retailers thrive with FieldStack. Discover how the FieldStack Lean Retail Engine can help your pet specialty chain grow.

Pet Store Software


FieldStack’s Lean Retail Engine combines POS, inventory automation, loyalty, and e-commerce with machine learning and analytics, to optimize your omni-channel pet retail empire like never before. Get a FieldStack Demo >>

How It Works

Time for Store Culture

Pet retail is about heart and connection, and successful pet specialty retailers offer culture and in-store experiences that customers simply can’t find online. By optimizing sales and streamlining your operations, FieldStack will simplify your work — giving you time to get creative and enhance  your retail chain’s culture.

The Many Facets of Inventory Automation

At the center of FieldStack’s Lean Retail process are mind-blowing inventory intelligence and automation. FieldStack will optimize your offerings to maximize omnichannel sales, using a virtually unlimited set of filters based on each individual client’s needs.

Secret Sauce for Retail ROI

FieldStack actualizes the resource and flow efficiency strategies that result in your day-to-day growth and savings. Our clients can tell you that the secret sauce is right here. One FieldStack pet specialty client reduced inventory by 20%, cut inventory hours by 96%, and grew sales by 18%. What can we do for you?


When you bring lean retail efficiency to your pet stores

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