Brett Wickard, Founder and CEO of FieldStack retail management software, was featured on RetailDive discussing the opportunities and pitfalls that online marketplaces pose for retailers.

“At first glance, adding a marketplace seems like an easy way to extend your brand, your reach and your base,” said Brett in the article. “However, it is ridiculously more complex than it seems at first glance. Customers don’t disconnect a merchant’s brand from their experience with third-party sellers on your marketplace — problems with marketplace orders bubble up to the marketplace owner. While data shows this, you can easily see for yourself with public data. Look at almost any item on Amazon — customers of marketplace vendors often conflate their shipping or marketplace experience with the quality of the item itself.”

FieldStack retail management software can help retailers strategize and automate the use of online marketplaces as an extension of their retail footprint.

Read the full article at RetailDive.

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