retail software for groceryRetailDive recently reached out to Brett Wickard, CEO and Founder of FieldStack retail management software, to discuss recent disruptions in grocery retail. Brett brought his expertise in retail analytics software to shine a light on opportunities for Amazon and other online grocers.

“[L]everaging customer data to test a new retail paradigm makes sense,” Brett told RetailDive. “The upside is huge, the downside minimal. Even if this concept doesn’t perform as well as they’d hope, the data gathered will allow them to revise and enhance future concepts.”

Brett goes on to stress the advantages held by merchants with unified platforms for online and in-store sales. “Algorithmic forecasting is fantastic at optimizing the goods that you already have — but it is sorely lacking in expanding the product mix,” he said. “Leveraging your search traffic with a unified retail commerce platform allows the merchant to fill in that gap.”

Check out the complete article here.

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