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FieldStack is a group of retail and math ninjas in Portland, Maine. Our Lean Retail Engine was born of retail, battle tested in one growing chain until other retailers asked for our secret.

Our retail software company blends a global vision with a yankee pragmatism, and we aspire to live in the footsteps of the hardy foresters and farmers who were in Maine before us. That’s how the name FieldStack was born.

A traditional field stack is a method of stacking firewood in an open field to make it as dry as possible for the coming winter. It’s about thinking ahead, working ahead, and making sure you have the best materials for any challenge.

Of course, our software stack is also the foundation for a lean, intelligent enterprise in your field: the stores, websites and other channels where your sales happen.

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  • Brett Wickard
    Brett Wickard Founder and President

    Brett Wickard began FieldStack from the client side, as the president of a retail chain. Brett was able to follow his entrepreneurial interests in Maine when he opened his first Bull Moose music store in 1989, while still a student at Bowdoin College. FieldStack emerged from Brett’s work to keep his chain growing in a changing industry, and he is the chief architect of the software. The results have been fantastic, and so other retailers began to ask for the software. FieldStack was born in 2013.

  • Tim Hannan
    Tim Hannan VP, Client Services

    As FieldStack’s client services leader, Tim focuses on making FieldStack’s clients happy by directing implementations, support and daily operations. Prior to working at FieldStack, Tim held IT leadership positions at Per-Se Technologies and the New York County District Attorney’s office. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from Marist College and earned his MBA from USM’s School of Business. He is also an avid hiker and certified rescue team member.

  • Michael Stefanakos
    Michael Stefanakos VP, Lean Retail Partnerships

    Michael has spent more than 20 years evangelizing and building demand generation programs for great high-tech products and ideas. Before joining FieldStack, he helped industry leader Blue Martini, an e-commerce and CRM suite, serve up recommendations and relevant content to national retailers. When he’s not working, he’s skiing or mountain biking the trees in the western mountains of Maine with his family, tending his bee hives and drinking several good shots of espresso a day.

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As the first step in our client partnerships, we provide a customized ROI analysis to show up front how FieldStack’s lean retail software system will grow revenue, eliminate waste and transform your retail operations.

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